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Informative experience I must share

Leather is one of the earliest crafts. It is durable something of high value we appreciate the shape design even the unique smell of leather but a question will rise how the modern leather is made? There are some key processes of making leather I provided in this article. Hides from the large animals and skins from the small animals are collected from all over the world after treating with biocides; it is the byproduct of this industry. we preserved the skins with high quantity of salts surfactants like sodium sulphide for the removal of hairs on the skins or hides also added some chemicals for getting all the greases and oils out of it, after this Leathers are inserted line in the process called lining, this chemically dissolves the hairs removed unwanted proteins and opens up the finest structure this process rise the leather considerably remembering that this material comes from an animal it still has fleshy part of it, therefore the next process is fleshing the fleshing machine has many cutting blades on a revolving cylinder they cuts the unwanted fleshy matter and regularizes the thickness of leather the leather is passed on another field for trimming for trimming the unwanted and useless material after this splitting takes place in this process the hides cuts vertically or horizontally into two layers. The lower layer is called split now the tanning process takes place in this process the hides are placed in the wooden rotating drums for tanning. The tanning agents converted the raw hides into the durable product, preserving it improving its compression resistant able to injure the repeated cycling of wetting and drying. The tanning process is the foundation of good leather if the process goes bad they re do it because customer wants one of the best leather that’s how the high quality leather is made up the low quality tanning machines doesn’t checks the PH or chromium level but high quality machines regularly checks it. Now the process starts of changing the wet blue hide into leather starts the hides goes into the unit machine which takes off the top layer of hide which contains all the great fiber, (they sell the fiber to dog food makers) now the most important part of tanning takes place they tan the hide for ten to eight hours with a lot of chemicals like water soluble.

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