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When the word comes tanning. Our mind strikes to the point that how animal’s skins are tanned to refined form to make real leather? These are the questions raised while we are talking about tanning. When the animal skins are tanned they usually processed from a long process to refine or to make it in a proper raw form.  Different machines were used while making or converting them into the leather form.


Making leather is a time consuming and smelly process. The first thing you need to do is to prepare your hides for tanning. The hides can be from cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and deer, elk or antelope. Actually, if it can be skinned it can be tanned.

The skins are tanned and after tanning, it is converted into the thin skin form.


While during the process of tanning the skin is treated with different types of chemicals.  Usually, the chemical which is used in this process is tannin in this chemical the hide is rubbed and dung with it, due to this skin is gets penetrated. The best tanning process is ­CHROME TANNING.


During the process of chrome tanning, the leather is soaked in a solution containing the metal chromium.

Another best way to tan is VEGETABLE TANNING In this method the skins are soaked with vegetable liquors. While during the tanning process there are many problems occurs.

The other one is the BATING PROCESS in this process. It is dung with the dung of the carnivorous and with enzymes of the dog that digest with collagen. Which is terribly unique in all ways while these are the

During the tanning process, the main problem occurs is that of small containers during tanning in homes. The other common factors raise is that while tanning the stir or moving the skin is not appropriate.

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