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Leather Jackets and Accessories

Usually, leather jackets are made by the process of tan. Tan refers to the process of converting animal skins into a  leather by using some chemicals or by soaking in a liquid containing tannic acid.
In the fourteenth century, leather was used in making of chairs, arm-chairs. A big circle of people have a common question that many animals were harmed in the process of making accessories, consists of leather. Many industries are working on this issue as they will produce leather without harming animals. Modern meadow, a Brooklyn based startup that claims to grow leather in their lab, already starts researching on it. Currently it takes almost 2-3 years to raise an animal, feed it. Their lab is working on optimization of a leather until it gets easy to produce leather without even harming an animal.
Now, when field of science is growing day by day, leather is used in making of different accessories such as wallets, mobile covers, jackets and in different outfits.
Leather industry is projected to grown in next ten years, expecting a jump from $51.81billion in 2015 to $208.81 in 2026, which clearly shows the future of leather and the accessories consist of leather.
If scientists were found successful to produce leather without harming animals, than it will be good for the nature too.
Mostly, leather jackets are used in winters, but a lot of people mainly bikers  prefers  it also while riding a bike.
In early 1940’s and 1950’s usually most of the actors used to wear leather jackets in the movies, which gives the popularity in unusual way to the leather jackets . The long brown leather jacket, becomes a regular part of costumes, used by the people back in early 1990’s.
There are many ways,  why one should use or wear leather jackets. “leather jackets looks real cool” usually opted by the latest generation. From early 90’s to latest generation , everyone seems to appreciate the cool looks that leather jackets ultimately brings to one’s personality.
Leather jackets mainly bikers leather jackets usually looks great with any outfit.jacket-collage3

Leather jackets actually provide looks which doesn’t concern with how old are you. In fact, every person of different age limits loves to wear leather jackets.

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